A beautiful female…prince?

One of the hot topics of the day, Taichi Saotome (15) called the “Prodigy Female Role” (天才女形- “Tensai Onnagata”, or a man who plays a woman) had his first photography event on 8/11. He is a professional japanese dancer, and just for reference, in the old theatrical days (and even now), unless it wasn’t Miyako Odori (which is exclusively for women), every part was played by men, and if you had a pretty and sensitive body structure, you’d play a woman.

These days, he’s gaining himself another name: The sexy eyed-prince (nagashime ouji – “流し目王子”). He doesn’t really like the name though.

Just in case you might be interested in him, he even said his preference for an ideal woman: “A cool person. More than a nice person, I’d prefer a cool and blase person. But I don’t like to chase” (「クールな人。優しいよりちょっと冷たいくらいの人がいい。でも追うのは好きじゃないんです」).

a normal taichi


One response to “A beautiful female…prince?

  1. Boy that’s a pretty boy… the rules are similar in Chinese opera as well; all roles were played by men.

    BTW, I realized that the banner photo is taken in Taiwan, isn’t it? Are you Taiwanese?

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