Classic Japanese Song becomes a Million seller

Classic japanese song genres such as enka have always been around, but tenor singer Masafumi Akikawa’s “As the wind of thousands” (Sen no Kaze ni natte) topped Oricon charts and sold over 1,000,000 copies. This is the first time that a classic singer became a million seller in the Japanese music history.

The song came out in May of last year, but really started selling after Akikawa’s appearance on Kouhaku Utagassen (this show on New Years that almost every Japanese household watches; shows all the singers who sold really well throughout the year). On January 22th, 2007, the song dominated by placing 1st on both weekly and monthly Oricon charts.

Personally, I dont really like it :(.



「千の風〜」は、昨年5月24日に発売され、NHKの紅白歌合戦で放送されたのをきっかけに大ヒット。今年1月22日付でクラシック歌手として初の週間 チャート1位となり、上半期のシングル売り上げランキングでも1位だった。今月20日付のヒットチャートでの累積売り上げは100万5000枚。


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