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Atsuko Sakurai’s a New Mommie!

sakurai atsuko saan
Actress Atsuko Sakurai (34) had her first baby (on the 4th)!! The newborn weighed 3056 grams/ 6.7 lbs, and is really healthy. Mrs. Sakurai is overjoyed and comments “I really really wanted to see her…I wished and waited for that for 10 months, so I am very delighted and fortunate right now!!”

Sakurai married Mr. Kawashima (島川博篤, 35) on March 5th this year. They met through the show Omiya-San 「おみやさん」 which they both worked on as actress and AD.

Best wishes for a happy family!!

女優の桜井淳子(34)が5日、第1子となる女児を都内の病院で4日に出産したと、自身の公式ホームページで報告した。赤ちゃんは3056グラ ム、母子ともに健康。「会いたい会いたい…と10カ月間ずっと願ってきたので、今はとてもとても、とっても幸せです!!」と喜びをつづっている。