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Ninomiya Kazunari & Nagasawa Masami are in Passionate Love


Another relationship is out! singer/actor Kazunari Ninomiya (嵐, 24) and actress Masami Nagasawa (20) are going out! Well, they’ve been going out secretly for the past 2 years and we only found out recently. The two met and started going out in 2005 when they worked on the show “Yasashii Jikan” (A Kind Time -「優しい時間」) by FujiTV. Since both are really busy as Nagasawa is a well-loved and renown actress and Ninomiya is a world-class actor/singer, only recently did they stabilize their relationship environment and move to a new house where the two can live happily together.

You might wonder: How’d they get so close in one show? In the actual drama, the two played lovers, and by the last episode they held hands in the very last scene. Naturally, the love sprouted. After the drama ended, the relationship started. At first, they were like brother and sister, talking about their interests, and they continued to escalate their relationship.

Since they were both stars in the industry and the news would bring too much attention and pressure, the two decided to keep the relationship on the down low. One friend comments “If they went outside, people would know about the relationship, so the two would always spend time in each others’ homes”. At the time (2005-2006), they lived far away, but now, they’ve become close neighbors.

Right now, there are no plans for marriage, but Nagasawa faintly touches the topic, and comments “I think marriage might really be about timing. Maybe I’ll get married tomorrow…I doubt it though ^_^. How I want to be proposed to? That’s a secret” while blushing. What’s kind of funny is that she was in “Proposal Daisakusen” which was all about marriage and timing.

They’ve kept it a secret for so long, and now that they’ve said it, they’ve become the hottest and most famous couple around!